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Psytest Builder, LSI & Classic Test Methods

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Psytest Builder, LSI & Classic test Methods

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Psytest Builder, LSI and our classic test methods are available to those with any of the following qualifications:

  • a bachelor’s degree or higher in psychology
  • successful completion of Psytest’s certification course
  • certification in another test method by a reputable test provider
  • a BPS Qualification in Test Use (or another similar qualification).

When your application is approved, we will create an online account where you can access the test methods you have chosen.

What does it cost?

There is no licensing fee, and you pay only for the scales you need in the test. Minimum order: $600/year (150 credits). Every 12 months, we add 150 credits to your account and bill for them. This service continues until it is terminated. Unused credits from previous years do not expire.

What does a test cost?

Psytest Builder: As you build your test by choosing the number of scales, you pay only for the scales included in the test. One scale costs one credit ($4).  A common test has approximately 10 scales for a cost of 10 credits ($40). You can, of course, build shorter tests for a lower cost.

The BP Basic Profile consists of 11 scales and costs $44, and the LSI Leadership Style Inventory includes 13 scales and costs $52. Ability tests cost $20 each. Discounts are available for large orders – please contact us.

All prices exclude VAT.

Introductory Offer!

$100 off – you pay only $500 for 150 credits (regular price $600) the first time you order.

This offer is available only for new customers.

Customer Registration

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