Terms & Conditions



These terms and conditions apply to all companies Psytest AB / Lindstam (PT / L) digital databases, test applications, information, explanations and other online services (hereinafter: online products), its use exclusively in the way of remote data transmission over the Internet takes place. 

2.Contract conclusion / access to online products

The contract / subscription arises from the fact that the customer after the registration on a portal of the PT / L selects an online product and receives a confirmation of its online product selection via email. With conclusion of the contract the customer the non-transferable and non-exclusive, temporary right to use the contractual products online is given, which is limited to the use described in particular under section 6. All rights of use not explicitly listed remain with the company PT / L.

At the end of each subscription period, the subscription is automatically extended for the respective subscription period.

Customer access to the online products is password protected on the Internet. The customer is obliged to keep his access and his password secret and to protect them from misuse by third parties. The customer has in Loss of access, the password or the improper use of this information without delay PT / L to unterrichten.PT/L suspicion is entitled to block access to online products in case of misuse. The customer is liable in by him of misuse.

3.Terms of payment

The amount due depending on the choice of the customer during the registration is sent the associated invoice pay / is collected by direct debit.

The bill is due by sending and payable without deduction. With debit transfer from the customer’s account is debited.

The invoiced gross price (net price plus VAT).

The customer is not entitled to withhold payments if it does not have a statutory lien.


As regards the conditions and effects of withdrawal will be made to the outside of the right of cancellation Terms and Conditions.


The contract for online products can be canceled at anytime, unless the subscription contains no more redeemable at notice.

Any termination must be in writing. The non-use of online products is not considered cancellation.


All copyrights, usage and other property rights to the online products remain at the PT / L.

The customer acquires the right to access the online products from any computer which is suitable for this purpose. The duration of the right of use shall be governed by the agreement as stipulated in the contract is based; it is communicated to the customer at inception.

The customer agrees to use the Online products only for its own purposes and not even a consideration to allow third parties free access to the test account.

The customer is prohibited, copyright notices, change marks / trademarks and / or ownership information to the online products.


If the customer is downloading test results, at least temporarily stores a storage according to applicable privacy rights must be protected. The selection and use of online products made under the sole responsibility of the customer.

PT / L seeks access to online products permanently, that is 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, to allow. The constant availability is expressly not guaranteed. In particular, for technical reasons, such as due to necessary maintenance and repair work, the access temporarily limited.


All submitted personal data [such as Title, name, address, date of birth, email address, telephone number, fax number, bank details, credit card number] we will only collect, process and store in accordance with the provisions of the data protection law.

We use your personal data solely for the purposes about your order, such as for information about your order and/or delivery status and for internal customer analyzes. Personal data will be treated confidentially and shared with third parties only in the context of delivery and payment.

The purchaser has a right to know and a right to rectification, blocking and deletion of stored data.

10.Concluding remarks

Jurisdiction for any disputes arising from the contractual relationship is the court responsible for our head office in Malmö.